The Shypixel can be bought!

Shypixel has been a lot of things over the past decade, but for hire has not been one of them. Until now. What can Shy do for you?

Shypixel has spent years working quietly for a small boutique software shop, Cedar Mountain, nestled in the mountains of Montana, and was recently brought on as the resident pixel at that haven of snark and villainy, Wonkette, a national politics blog with eleventy million pageviews. Now he wants to add your problems to the list.

Shypixel is about solutions.

Shypixel has over a decade of experience in the front-line trenches of web development, time spent learning how to make things work, and keep working. He understands that things need to be just so, to reflect a unique brand, and to work, everywhere. Years of waging war with cross-browser quirks and cross-platform oddities have taught him how to build solid, reliable web applications that stand the test of time, and work well on any device.

Whether building from scratch, gutting and re-building existing code, or just adding custom tweaks, Shypixel can make your site or app dance. His primary focus has been on highly flexible custom programming and responsive design, building unique sites and applications for the web and on mobile.

Shypixel will troubleshoot problems on your site, and implement elegant solutions. Ten pounds of Wordpress stuffed into a five pound shell? Somebody's nephew build your site, then vanish? College kid tech wiz no longer answering your calls? Site HACKED to pieces? Turn it over to Shypixel, and you'll forget the web could ever even have troubles.